Dear colleagues,

the International Congress for Finno-Ugric Studies (Congressus Internationalis Fenno-Ugristarum, CIFU) is the most important international event in the world of Finno-Ugric (Uralic) studies. At the 12th CIFU in Oulu, 2015, it was decided that for the first time in its history, the CIFU of 2020 would take place outside the traditional host countries, in Vienna. We at the Finno-Ugric Department of the University of Vienna are honoured by this important task and the confidence placed in us. We also see it as an important reminder about the international character of Finno-Ugric studies, transcending the borders of states, regions, national research traditions and schools.

We invite all interested colleagues to the XIII International Congress for Finno-Ugric Studies, which will take place in Vienna on August 16–21, 2020. The programme will consist of plenary papers, symposia, and general session papers. Contributions from any area within Finno-Ugric/Uralic studies in the wide sense are welcome. This applies to Hungarian, Finnish, or Estonian studies as well. However, we would like to point out that these areas have their own well-established scholarly fora, and papers on Hungarian, Finnish, or Estonian topics which do not include or invite more general, contrastive or comparative approaches would probably be better placed at a conference with a more specific theme. The schedule of the congress will be based on 30-minute programme slots; to allow time for discussion and for moving between lecture halls, we recommend the duration of ca. 20 minutes for each talk.

Abstract proposals must be submitted by September 30 October 15, 2019, using the electronic submission tool (also on this page after this text). Abstracts submitted by any other means cannot be considered; if you have problems with the submission tool, please contact us or the event management office of the University of Vienna at  

The system will request you to register and to create a user account. Your e-mail address will function as your username, and you will also have to type in a password of your choice and confirm it. In the following window, you will be requested to select whether your abstract is proposed as a general session paper or to one of the symposia (the list of symposia, with descriptions, can be found at ), and to type in or copy-paste the title and the text of your abstract.

The maximum length of each abstract is 3000 characters (including spaces). Each participant can submit maximally two abstracts: one as the lead author (presenting author), one as a co-author.

Please note that the submitted abstracts must be in English. The actual presentation at the CIFU can be in any of the languages traditionally used in Finno-Ugric studies, and we warmly welcome the use of minority languages in particular. However, we kindly request all presenters to keep in mind that the CIFU is an international event and the language choices should be as inclusive as possible. (For example, if your talk is not in English, having the visual support of your presentation in English is recommended.) The language policies of the symposia will be determined by the organizers of each symposium.

Due to our multilingual policies, it is important that the title of each presentation in the final programme be in the language in which the actual talk is given; if the title is in English, the audience will expect an English-language presentation. Please give the title of your abstract in the language in which you plan to give your talk!

After the peer-review process, you will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of your paper by March 1, 2020. From that time on, electronic registration to the congress will be possible using the online registration tool which will be available on the congress website.

The accepted abstracts will be published on the congress website. (In case the author of an accepted abstract does not register at the congress, the abstract will be removed.) Symposium organizers are encouraged to publish edited volumes based on the material of their symposia, but no central publication of all CIFU proceedings is planned.

Our website at will be continuously updated, and new information (about the venue, travel and accommodation, programme, registration and fees etc.) will be made available. You are also welcome to follow our Facebook event site ( ) or to contact us by e-mail:

Welcome to Vienna in 2020!

Johanna Laakso
President of XIII Congress for Finno-Ugric Studies