We stand with Ukraine

The Viennese organization team of CIFU XIII, together with the University of Vienna and other Austrian (OeAD, BMBWF, OeAW) and European institutions and organizations (EU, ALLEA, CENTRAL, Circle U. etc.), stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their struggle for freedom and democracy in Europe.

We are also deeply concerned about the consequences of the war to Uralic studies. We know that many of our colleagues in Russia condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine; some of them have even taken personal risks in publicly protesting against the war. The war will directly or indirectly also harm our colleagues, their work and the essential international cooperation in our fields of research. Above all, the consequences of the war and the aggressive ethnonationalism fuelling it will cause further damage to the vulnerable Uralic-speaking minority communities of Russia.

 CIFU XIII has no institutional cooperations with Russia. However, our colleagues from Russia can participate as private persons. We hope that the contacts within Uralic studies and our traditions of peaceful cooperation will survive through these difficult times.