Schedule with links to abstracts.

Additional programme:

  • On Monday evening, we are planning to organize a public discussion event about research cooperation in the current situation. How can we secure the continuation of vital international cooperation with our colleagues in Russia in a fair, transparent, and ethically sustainable way? More information on the website of our department!
  • On Tuesday evening, there will be an event popularizing Finno-Ugric studies for interested outsiders (especially prospective future students): Finno-Ugristik total – wir züchten keine Orchideen! Congress participants are not the primary target audience of this (mainly German-language) event – but of course you are welcome to pop by.
  • On Wednesday evening, the City of Vienna invites the congress participants to a reception at a Heuriger, a typical Viennese vineyard restaurant. More information will be posted to the notice board.
  • On Thursday late afternoon, there will be two parallel events: the meeting of the CIFU International Organizing Committee, and a presentation of tutorials of language technology for the Uralic languages.
  • The excursion on Saturday: see "Last-minute information".

Please keep following our website for updates and more information!